Valentine’s Day

Top 100 Valentines Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Valentines Day Wishes

Valentines day is coming soon. On that day everyone wants to share love with their partner. It’s a perfect occasion to express love once again with each other. You guys are desperately searching for perfect valentines day wishes which you can send to your special one.

Valentines Day Wishes

An exclusive collection of happy valentines day wishes. Choose among a large range of unique love wishes and greetings.

  • Whenever I feel bad or sad, I simply close my eyes and think of You. Within seconds, I will be back to normal. That’s the magic in You. I love you dear.
  • I know you will be my best half at the moment I saw you. That’s because, my heart started beating fast at that moment and passed a signal to my brain that you are my love. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.
  • I started writing a novel in which you and I are the lead roles. But, I got stuck at one point where we should express love to one another. So, first you express your love on me so that I can continue the novel with our love journey. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear.
  • Whenever I receive a message or call from you, my heart floats and dances in the air. I don’t know why, it may be because I am in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.
  • My love on you can never die as it is pure and true. As long as I have breath and as long as my heart beats, I Love You my dear.
  • I just wanted to know you one thing which is nothing but my Love on You. I can show you my love in many ways and I really want you to understand my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I never wanted to fall in love, but as soon as I saw you I was in love with you. After that, I came to know that, Love is magical and it can happen to anyone at any time.
  • I know I don’t have a place in your heart, but you always have a special place in my heart. You are very special to me my dear and I swear you are the best thing ever happened in my life.
  • Every day I see You in my dreams, every minute I think of You and every second I want to be with You. All this is because I am in deep love with You my dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I know that Sun have the power to light up the whole World, but your love enlightened my heart making you as my secret power. I love you sweetheart forever and ever.
  • When I see you, I forget the World around me as You seem to be the World for me. I love you dear and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  • I fell in love with you on the day that I first saw you. Now, I am more than madly in love with you. What have you done to me?