Love SMS

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Love SMS

Love is not how long
u’ve been together
not how much u’ve give
or receive not how many
times u’ve helped each other
its how u value each other.

Heart can Skip beat for a while… Memories can be kept in d file… A desert can be replaced by Nile. But nothing can stop a smile, when ur name comes on my MOBILE.

Love is two souls
intertwined in there meeting place
& can you tear it apart
it is one embodiment of
pure pleasure and pain,
joy and sorrow

Love SMS

Nothing that I can write in a simple text message can explain just how much you mean to me and how much that I love you but I want you to know that I have at least tried’

If hugs were leaves i would giv u trees if kissses were drops of water i would giv u an ocean.if life was & planet i would all gun u mine

Feel the rhythm in my body
and sing is all I wanna do
I feel the they will bring me sunshine
for it’s another they with you

Accept, dear girl, this little token, And if between the lines you seek, You’ll find the love I’ve often spoken— The love my dying lips shall speak.” -Eugene Field

Your love is so wonderful and rare; it’s bold, with a mischievous grin: it’s as humble as a lady’s maid, and as courageous as a knight.

Always draw a circle around the ones you love, never draw a heart because hearts can be broken, but circles are never ending.

Last night was wonderful… I still can feel the taste of your kiss, the contact of your skin against mine, the good chill that I have with it… as much as I could dream in the past, I never known how much happiness one can have with someone to love… it is great to be able to love you.

I’m not the same since i met u, the days turned longer the nights turned colder and u will always have a special place in my heart just for you. I LOVE YOU

when I was alone and had nothing I asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the pain no come came except . . . GOD

when I never took a breath 2 rise from my sleep no one could help me except . . . GOD

when all i saw was sadness and needed answers no one answered me except . . . GOD

so when I am asked who I
give my unconditional love 2 look for no other except……God!!!

You’re my first thought
In the morning
Through every moment
In between
And in my dreams at night
I love you!

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